Tell the U.S. government to help living things (of all sorts) survive

Just a few of the wildlife that conservation efforts protect. Other important living things include sea life, insects, plant life, and even you.

According to the National Wildlife Foundation, some of greatest threats to the survival of wildlife in the United States include:

Curbing these problems highly depends on actions, restrictions, and funding from the U.S. federal government and its agencies, and yet many of these safeguards and much of the funding may be jeopardized by the current federal government itself. The time has come to take action by writing to your congressman/woman and letting them know that environmental and wildlife protection is a huge priority, and should not be jeopardized for the sake of saving money or allowing more harmful corporate freedoms. If you care, but are not sure how to contact your state’s representatives, visit I contacted my congressmen recently. It’s easy and quick to do. It can make a difference!

In addition to contacting your congressman/woman, remember that your vote counts. There are political candidates in both major parties (and others) in the U.S. who care about the environment and living things, and make them a high priority. Learn which candidate(s) care strongly about these issues. Help living things (of all sorts) survive well into the future!

To read another one of my articles on saving wildlife and protecting people, see Honey Bees are the Bee’s Knee’s. Act Before There are None.

It was recently World Turtle Day. Click Sea Turtles to check out WordPress blogger Nel’s (Reactionary Tales) great post about those wonderful endangered sea animals.




4 thoughts on “Tell the U.S. government to help living things (of all sorts) survive

  1. mgriffin1189 May 25, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    Borrowing M’s account for a second to thank you for the mention! The more awareness that is spread, the better! Thank you for telling everyone to contact their government officials. 😀 These creatures were here before us and they’ve learned to adapt to our presence. We should do everything we can not to destroy what’s left!

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    • updownflight May 25, 2017 / 3:51 pm

      I was very happy to spread the word about the Sea Turtles, too! Thanks for that great post.

      I hope people will speak out where they can be heard. I think most people DO want to provide the safeguards necessary for the survival and good quality of life for all living things.

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