The Secret World of Lost Socks

sock with hole in toeWhy does my “official” sock drawer have fewer socks than my “lost sock drawer”? Please someone, tell me why so many socks form pairs no more. Do you, too, have dozens of forlorn socks waiting for their mates? Is there a world out there, like the Island of Misfits, where lost socks wait?

Sometimes when I’m delinquent doing laundry, I find myself with no sock choices. I’ve been known to open the “lost sock drawer” in hopes I’ll hear the voices of some pairs of choices. After all, when I put my clean laundry away there’s always going to be at least one or two stray. With luck, there are some reunited pairs in there. A match of socks sure would be fair!

 If I score a find, I smile, and remove them from the huge deep pile, but when they’re on my feet, what often shows are two big holes above my toes. Other times their elasticity has gone, so when I put both of them on, one stands straight around my shin, the other falls down and shows it’s ready for the garbage bin. I’ve been known to wear a mismatched pair, if they don’t show through my shoes and below my pants, why should I even bother to care?

Ever since my mental illness disabled me, I feel I’ve lost some parts of me. I’m no longer able to do some of the things I used to do. This could stop me from living my life, but I’ve learned that the part of me that still exists, if gone, would be very sorely missed. So I do my best to treasure what I have, and keep it safe in its proper place. The lost elements that have gone from me, will hopefully dance together in outer space, most happily.

43 thoughts on “The Secret World of Lost Socks

  1. Revenge of Eve January 3, 2018 / 10:42 pm

    This made me smile. Why is it socks always stray?? Too cute. Thanks for the smile.

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    • updownflight January 3, 2018 / 10:52 pm

      Thanks, Revenge of Eve. I wanted to have fun with a post. So many of my posts lately have just been articles. I like writing articles, but not ALL of the time.

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  2. bravingmentalillness January 3, 2018 / 11:38 pm

    Oh wow! I was just talking to another blogger about this today! So frustrating. What gives? Missing sock or mysterious hole!

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    • updownflight January 4, 2018 / 3:24 am

      Now with the extremely cold weather the holes in the toe are completely unacceptable!

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      • bravingmentalillness January 4, 2018 / 4:42 pm

        Haaahaaa I know and I didn’t discover my last hole until I was already outside walking my dog!! I mean… really??!!😂

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      • updownflight January 4, 2018 / 4:43 pm

        Brrrrr! I know that even one toe exposed can make the whole body feel cold.

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      • bravingmentalillness January 4, 2018 / 9:10 pm

        I know!!!! Yikes and it’s like ice wind today in Northern Virgina!!! I better double check my socks hahaha

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      • bravingmentalillness January 8, 2018 / 9:40 am

        It is because it’s rare that I find them later hidden in another load of laundry, behind the dryer, or my son stole a pair of my husband’s!! They must have little feet 😉

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  3. NaPropasti January 4, 2018 / 12:32 am

    I think there is a sock-glove conspiracy trying to overthrow the paired establishment. (A hat never goes missing and neither does a necktie.) Why don’t they come in sets of three anyway?

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  4. Kate Dawson January 4, 2018 / 6:53 pm

    I’m hopeless when it comes to keeping track of socks. If it weren’t for my partner doing laundry, I’d be mismatched constantly. Same with my pens. I’m always losing pens!

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    • updownflight January 4, 2018 / 7:23 pm

      Unfortunately my husband won’t do my laundry, but I’m lucky that at least he does his own. He has fewer problems with lost socks than me. Either the dryer eats mine or my pet parrot steals them and throws them in the bottom of the main garbage can as a prank.

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  5. phoenixraay January 8, 2018 / 7:58 pm

    haha came from the community pool post! Such a well written post about socks … I think we all know the struggle !

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  6. catherinescornersite January 8, 2018 / 8:11 pm

    I have such pride, potentially before a fall, to say all my socks are in a loving pair. Some might be a bit holey, but they all have their life partner.

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    • updownflight January 8, 2018 / 8:25 pm

      What a lucky group of couples you have! I wish I knew your secret.


  7. floatinggold January 9, 2018 / 6:29 pm

    Great message.
    Enjoyed the rhymes.
    Over the years I have gotten better at keeping track of my socks, so they no longer disappear. If it happens, though, I waste no time and get rid of the remaining one, because otherwise, I know it will just be lonely forever. It’s not worth the hassle.

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    • updownflight January 9, 2018 / 6:59 pm

      Getting rid of some would probably do me some good, too. I need to really go sock shopping. Thanks for reading!

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  8. besticanbe January 11, 2018 / 4:09 am

    Loved this blog, really made me smile. I got sick of all the missing socks, so ever practical me, I now put them in one of those nylon string bags when I put them in the washer. Can’t find a cure for missing pens though, Kate. I usually beg for more pens at the bank, and more and more and more.

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    • updownflight January 11, 2018 / 1:30 pm

      The nylon bag sounds like a great suggestion! I’ll try that.

      I hear you on the pens, though losing them isn’t quite as much of a problem for me as the lost socks. What gets me with pens is that I often go to use them and find them out of ink, so they end up being trashed. Sometimes I borrow one from hubby’s desk, but if I don’t return it quickly he gets annoyed.


  9. Liverevil January 16, 2018 / 2:12 am

    I’ve lost so many sock pairs over the years that at this point, I just go sock-less. Of course, I now can never take off my shoes in polite company…

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    • updownflight January 16, 2018 / 1:33 pm

      You’re not alone. My brother is the same way, but he does go barefoot in front of me. I guess I’m not polite company 🙂


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