All colors of roses mean love


Early on in our courtship, my husband established himself as a frequent giver of flowers, and that habit has continued for all of the years we’ve been together. It’s been over 20 now. Other than maybe Christmas, when we pick out flowers together, I can be certain that I will receive a bouquet from him not only for every special holiday or occasion, but very often when I need them most, …just because. Isn’t that so sweet?

My husband loves roses, but rarely buys me red ones. In fact, when he does, I figure they were the only color available. Early on he told me he dislikes the color, and despite their made up meaning of “love”, that I should know that any color rose he picks for me has that meaning, even if the made up meanings are something else. They mean “love” because that is why they were given. Even a bouquet of daisies, presented with a kiss, represents that deep meaning when given from him to me.

The roses pictured above are ones my husband gave me at one time or another. The orange ones were part of my present this Valentine’s Day. The pink rose is one from our rose arbor that generally blooms in June. I’m happy to say that we might just get a spectacular display this year.  The vines are growing long already, with healthy and numerous leaves.

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