What likely happens in the brain of a person with bipolar disorder?


The norepinephrine oft increases in my brain to an extreme.
A high amount of serotonin may drastically boost my self-esteem.

Don’t let my dopamine get too out of hand.
I’d like to keep my feet firmly on this land.

This stuff may be happening with my hormones,
but some of the details still remain one of the unknowns.

Mania sometimes makes me glow with joyous luminescence.
Other times, it displays itself with scarier vehemence.

Then the various happenings in my brain quickly change.
Maybe my moods will calm themselves to a more proper range.

Or if I’m more unlucky, they’ll fall into a bad recession,
ceding further back into what could be a severe depression.

Bring on a moodstabilizer, and maybe a strong antipsychotic.
I want my life to be forever much less oft chaotic.

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