My Fitness and Weight Loss Plan Described


As I promised in my initial post Long haul healthy weight and fitness efforts – creation of a Friday post series, I would decide on a weight loss and fitness plan, and the tool(s) I would use for those efforts. Actually, I sort of knew what these would be when I posted the above-mentioned. That allowed me to begin my journey the next day. Also as promised, I will post a weekly update regardless of whether I lose or gain weight, exercise up a storm, or lay motionless in my bed. The point will be to reflect on this important journey, and to keep the journey in mind so that I keep at it and/or understand why I’m not.

If you’d like to join me on this journey (in any way), I’d love to hear about your results and/or reflections, as well. I want my Friday post series to be mutually beneficial.

My Eating Plan and Tracking Details

Diet Plan (determined by height, age, gender, starting weight, initial activity level, desire to lower my cholesterol, and desire to lose 2 lbs/0.9 kg per week)*:

Calorie counting with daily goals not to exceed 1,200 calories / 135 grams carbohydrates (preferably 100 net grams) / 47 grams total fat / 60 grams protein / 45 grams sugar / 2,300 mg sodium. May occasionally exceed some goals, but as long as calorie limit is not exceeded. I aim to drink 65 oz of water per day. Note: Daily goals may change as I lose weight.

Tools used: Myfitnesspal (phone app and website) for easy tracking. I am currently using their free tools, though they do offer a Premium option. I find the free features more than adequate for my needs at this time. My first impression is that this is easier to use, more sophisticated, and with better features than the Weight Watcher’s online tools I used (for a monthly fee) in the past.

Note: My daily goal original recommendations were determined by Myfitnesspal based on (according to that website) recommendations of the latest research and also guidelines established by the National Institute of Health in the United States. Myfitnesspal did allow me to adjust some goals, as I desired. For example, when I decreased my daily carbohydrate goal, other goals were appropriately modified by Myfitnesspal to maintain my aim of losing 2 lbs (approximately .9 kg) per week. Aim options for weight gain and maintenance are also available.

My very Week 1 – Friday Fitness and Weight Loss Update can be found here. All future updates will be posted every Friday. All updates will appear in a Friday Fitness and Weight Loss Updates category.

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