Dieting while on vacation?

Cafe in France

In the near future, my husband and I will take a vacation to celebrate a special event, but just recently, I started a serious weight loss effort. I still have weeks to go before our trip, but the topic of dieting while on vacation has already popped up in my head.

I have dieted while on vacation in the past, including during a trip to Bermuda. I was serious about continuing weight loss on that trip. I went so far as to pre-plan many of our meals, counting “points” (I was on Weight Watchers at the time), leaving some in reserve for meals out. However, during that trip we had booked a suite that included a kitchenette. I planned to do most of the cooking during our stay. Yes, I know that sounds sad for me, but I didn’t mind. Bermuda is actually an expensive place to eat, and we needed to keep the costs down. I actually brought some foods with us, and had a shopping list ready for others we would need. Though I don’t recall how much I lost when I weighed myself upon returning home, I did lose, and the cooking and dieting did not affect our fun on the island.

Porto Portugal
Beautiful Porto, Portugal

Our upcoming vacation will be in Europe, in Portugal. We have pre-booked a number of hotels, but none have kitchenettes, so me cooking is not on the agenda. I have an idea what to expect in terms of meals there. My husband and I visited Portugal years ago. During the last couple of days I’ve been fretting about my weight loss efforts while there. Should I try to lose weight? Make an effort to just maintain? Or put the diet aside and enjoy myself fully? I posed these questions on a favorite weight loss forum, and received some helpful feedback. Everyone said to enjoy myself, but just stay conscious of my eating and drinking choices. I need not track them fully, but should reflect on them each evening to help affect my choices the next day.

Journal my vacation eating.

Come to think of it, internet access may be unreliable during parts of my trip, but I can easily bring a little journal and a pen to take notes. When I return, I want to post my reflections of my eating in my blog’s Friday Fitness & Weight-Loss Update. And heck, wouldn’t it be nice to have a record of some of the meals and drinks I had? I might even want to post a travel piece about eating in northern Portugal, or at least northern Portugal, in general. The journaling is a sure “to do”. Also, one weight loss forum member emphasized that such reflection may help ensure the continuation of my weight loss efforts after the trip. Really, if I just gorge in Portugal without any reflection, who’s to say that I won’t just let the weight loss efforts fall to the wayside completely?

From my recollection, Portuguese sweets weren’t a major focus of my eating the first time I visited Portugal, even though I love sweets. I rather recall loving their seafood dishes, olives, and delicious crusty breads. I should try not to overeat the latter, but the former are usually not extremely indulgent food choices. Even meat dishes were often reasonable choices. The wines, however, were a major draw. My husband and I love Portuguese wines, and Port wines are unique to Portugal. The first time we went I did not hesitate to drink a lot, but nowadays I drink much less. One glass for lunch (maybe), definitely a glass for dinner, and at least some days a Port wine after dinner (or as an aperitif, in the case of white Port wine).  I can try to limit drinks to two per day and not feel “deprived”, or just sip one of my husband’s at a third.

So I’ve figured out a strategy for my eating in Portugal. That, along with the inevitable increase in physical exercise, will probably prevent a lot of weight gain, if any. I must also remember that the sight-seeing itself will surely be so satisfying and enriching that eating need only be a small part of the experience. Portugal is a beautiful and interesting country, with friendly people. May I soak up and savor it all!

Obviously, every destination has its own challenges and advantages for watching food and drink consumption, but one can choose wisely and negotiate splurges with some refrainment.  I know from past issues with minor overeating/splurges, that the key is to remain mindful of the experience. All facets of it.

What have your eating experiences been like during vacations in the past? Did you find some way(s) to minimize or prevent weight gain? If so, how?

10 thoughts on “Dieting while on vacation?

  1. alieneating April 17, 2018 / 7:09 pm

    Those olives are making me hungry! So cool that you choose to keep dieting while resisting the temptations of all that delicious food! I recently went to Thailand and tried to resist, but couldn’t. EVERYTHING looked amazing and I had to pull out my “I may never be back so I have to try it once” card. Gained 5 pounds hahaha but it was worth it! And now I’m paying for it 🙂

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    • updownflight April 17, 2018 / 9:37 pm

      Olives are wonderful!

      I won’t completely be dieting, but as I wrote, I’m going to try to make decent choices and be mindful of my eating. Luckily Portugal has some good choices for a person trying to avoid high-fat high-calorie foods.

      That’s great that you enjoyed the food so much in Thailand! I once went to Thailand for a few weeks. I’ll admit that I lost weight there mostly because I was such an “on a shoe-string” traveler that I ate little and in very cheap restaurants/stalls. I remember loving these banana fritters they made on the streets. Yum!


  2. ashleyleia April 17, 2018 / 8:07 pm

    I tend to do a ton of walking when I’m on vacation, and that offsets food indulgences,

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    • updownflight April 17, 2018 / 9:38 pm

      I’m hoping that all of the walking will burn extra calories, too. Actually, I’m not used to a lot of exercise anymore, but I know I’ll get it during my vacation. I foresee myself having some sore muscles.

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  3. Healing Foodie April 17, 2018 / 11:10 pm

    This past few weeks, I completely plunged while out of town for a funeral. The whole family has suffered due to tossing our healthy eating habits for the duration of a week and a half. We have struggled to regain the ground of health, but now we are back home and on track. You can do it with careful planning but we simply had no time to do so. Best of luck. Enjoy the journey. Sounds like a blast.

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    • updownflight April 18, 2018 / 10:03 am

      I’m sorry about your recent loss. I know that during hard times it’s easy to fall off track with healthy eating. I’m glad to read that you are getting back to healthy eating now.


  4. agirlwhowrites April 18, 2018 / 8:58 am

    I don’t know much about planned diets because when it comes to my body I just love to go with my guts so I’ll refrain from giving any advice and just wish you and your family the best vacation in Portugal. 🙂 Have plenty of fun, and do tell us about the place!

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    • updownflight June 26, 2018 / 2:51 am

      Thanks, Chris & Cora. It really is. My recent vacation did a number on me.


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