So extremely bad…that it’s amazing!!!

Angry chicken

So my husband and I went to Lowe’s today to look for a new faucet to go with the new counter top we’ll have installed next week. I knew we’d end up leaving there with more than we could carry. I know my people! So, I volunteered to get a cart, leaving hubby to enter the store on his own. When I returned to him, I saw him standing with a young female clerk, both laughing hysterically. I said “What on earth did you say to this young lady?!?!” When he could manage to respond, still laughing all the while, he said “We’re talking about chickens!”

I thought, “Chickens?!?!”

When my husband finally calmed down to talk, he said he asked the clerk where the “Chicken section” was. Apparently both burst out laughing at that question. In between, she laughingly said “I’m afraid we don’t sell chickens at Lowes!”

Of course he meant the “Kitchen section”.

I confess that I started to laugh, too. Partly laughing at him laughing, and partly at the word and image. “Chicken” has always been my favorite English word. [Sis, you know what I’m talking about.] There’s something quite wonderful about it’s sound, and picturing a chicken while uttering that somewhat onomatopoeic locution. Chickens themselves look quite absurd, in my view. Say the word 10 times in a row, really analyzing it. Feel how it tickles the tongue, as well. If needed, do this while looking at the photo above.

The whole event got my hubby and I talking about a related subject — words and phrases we get pleasure or relief from uttering. My recent invention has been the made up word “Shkuhbuh!” It’s difficult to explain exactly why I say it, or how I came up with it, but I’ve uttered it a lot lately and always with great passion. It’s my new grunt of relief or discharge of frustration or exertion. The word has even recently turned into a phrase, of sorts. Now it’s sometimes “Huh Shkuhbuh!” Maybe next week “Huh Shkuhbuh, Hah hah HAH!”

I used to do a similar thing as above with more of a gibberish. I’d wave my arms in the air and do a little dance and exclaim “Hu bee dubby rarer ack ack doopity doo doo frrrr frrr POP! Huh huh huh huh ARGGGGHHHHH!” or something along those lines. I remember my pet parrot often witnessing that display and seeing his eyes pin with great excitement. Truth is, it was pretty exciting! It got our hearts beating fast. I often felt a touch of elation, and am sure he did, too. Yea, I could have kicked something or punched a pillow, but somehow this, deep from the gut major-league exclamation, did me even more good and mostly left me laughing, or at least smiling for a bit.

It is a well-known fact that when we are in great distress, with stress levels rising to near explosion, that perhaps instead of an anger tirade or feelings of fist in the gut frustration, we just let it all go with more of a odd ball jubilation.

You can sometimes cry…which can be good. You can sometimes scream…which has it’s time and place. But other times, we need to see things as if they are absolutely absurd.
Throughout my life, I have often been blamed for many misdeeds. I guess having been the youngest child in my family, that is understandable. Truth is, sometimes I was and am a naughty gal. Hubby has often drawn my attention to that fact, more times than I could ever count. But once when hubby blamed me for something one more time than I could handle, I told him the following story:

“When I was a child, my siblings passed blame on me for almost EVERYTHING. Again, often times I was the culprit. Then one particular day, my mother came to me with an angry look and said “Did you do ‘such and such?!?!'”

To that I sighed, exasperated by the hundreds of accusations, and said “Mom…Ya know, if I did even half the number of things I’ve been accused of over the years, I must really be quite AMAAAAAAZING!” I think I was only 8 at that time.

I guess that exclamation rang true enough, and my mom began to laugh. And I began to laugh.

Well, sometimes it is all just so amazing! The heaven, the hell, the pain, and all the moments in between. Isn’t it also kind of strange how when we laugh our very hardest, we tend to cry the hardest, too?

I like this bird.

laughing crying

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