Directions to find stress relief

Too much stress to handle, so I may hide or freeze.
Or go on a mental “vacation”, to bring myself some ease.

It’s true that a “vacation” must eventually end.
I ask if, by then, my brain will sufficiently mend.

Sadly, stressors do still wait for my eventual return.
Another stronger round, again may make my stomach churn.

What do I do to further toughen my skin?
I can’t be overtaken, and let this chaos win!

Trudge forward, dragging a ball on a chain?
Force a smile on my face, to show a wellness that I feign?

Should I again let go of that weight, to run away for good?
It’s a tough decision to permanently leave my neighborhood!

I remind myself, that a new home may present its own stresses.
How they’d all compare to my current one, are only guesses.

Occasionally the weight disappears in a flash for no clear reason.
Other times, my fighting efforts do launch me to a brighter season.

Decisions to be made for which approach to take.
Damn, Folks! It’s one hell of a choice to make!

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