10 Varieties of Czech Christmas Cookies (České Vánoční Cukroví) and more

This post from 2019 has been my most viewed this past month. I am thinking that with more people home during the pandemic, Christmas cookie baking has become an extra popular activity. For that reason, I thought I would share this post again here on WordPress. Enjoy!

Bird Flight

Christmas cookie platter 2018 metal (2) My 2018 Christmas cookie platter. Not all Czech cookies in this post are shown above.

This post marks the end of my Czech Christmas cookie countdown. Phew! On November 11th, I posted my first of 10 Czech Christmas cookie/confection recipes, with my last posted yesterday, along with a bonus Czech sweet bread. According to my husband, my mother-in-law would make as many as 13 different varieties for their platter. Frankly, I can’t manage all of that baking!

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One thought on “10 Varieties of Czech Christmas Cookies (České Vánoční Cukroví) and more

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