To my blog followers – Changes to blog niche

During the course of the five years posting on “Bird Flight” blog, my focus has gone from mental health issues and experiences (mainly bipolar disorder) to more travel, world cultures, and culinary/recipe offerings. Indeed, I enjoy posting about all kinds of things, but believe I should pick a more specific niche for this particular spot. I’ve decided to retain this blog, but mostly for just travel and culinary-related posts. For mental health topics, and light journaling purposes, I’ve created a separate blog on WordPress, and have done an export/import of select posts, accordingly.

Other reasons for the split above?

  • I’m yearning for more anonymity in regards to my mental health-related postings. Some may have noticed this category of posts absent, lately. There is more freedom with a degree of anonymity.
  • My followers, and other visitors, may be frustrated with the previous “hodgepodge” of posts here.
  • I may be able to grow this blog (and an additional new one) further with a more focused niche. There will also be more room improvement of both blogs.

So how might that affect my blog followers?

Well, you surely have a choice to make. Maybe decide to remain a follower here (with the focus on travel and culinary stuff/recipes)? Perhaps learn more about my new mental health focused blog (that includes all past ones of the niche)? Or, unfollow this blog completely or even remain a follower here AND follow my new additional blog? Regardless of the choice, I understand.

Where is my new solely mental health-related blog?

I will not provide a link here, for obvious reasons. However, if you wish to be notified in private, I can provide that info (at my discretion) via private message. I can be contacted through the CONTACT form on the menu bar or by clicking here.

So what’s been up with me, lately?

Well, besides just baking Christmas cookies and cooking Czech dishes? LOL! I’ve also spent a full year living in a new country. About a year ago, my husband and I made a big move from the US to Europe. Yup, Czech Republic. It’s been quite a stressful and also peculiar experience, particularly since we did it during a once in a century pandemic. 

Hearty thanks to all who’ve supported me here over the years! I look forward to a continued interaction with many on one of my blogs, and of course plan to follow others’.

– updownflight

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