When inheritance breaks up a family (or at least causes rifts)


I saw the word “inheritance” today, and thought “Oh, my goodness! That can be a sad word to write about!”

Surprised I write “sad”? Well, the word inheritance almost always has some negatives attached to it. Even if you’re the only niece or nephew of a childless elderly aunt who wills their entire estate to you, you at least usually grieve their loss to some degree, hopefully. The money and/or real estate might be welcome to help add to your retirement nest egg or give you the chance to travel or spend on things you normally wouldn’t have been able to. That’s nice, but this scenario is an ideal one. Way too often there ARE other “want to be inheritors” in the picture. Continue reading

Making tentative plans into firm plans

planning useI’m the kind of person who likes to set goals or destinations to work towards, not fly by the seat of my pants. Setting such goals/destinations allows me to plan my route appropriately, and travel the “route” smoothly and effectively. Hopefully! Continue reading