Many forms of communication can give psychological relief

bird speaking
The bird speaks, sings, dances, writes, and flies.

I talk out loud to myself all of the time. I even do so in public, sometimes. What I say seems interesting to me, but maybe it wouldn’t to others. Often I just say odd-ball random things, or repeat phrases or make odd noises. Just yesterday, my hubby came into the bedroom from his office asking who I was talking to. I just told him not to worry and that I was talking to myself and to “Go back into your office and leave me be!” And only 20 minutes ago, I was in his office with him and started to talk to myself again. He became annoyed and told me to be quiet (he was working), so I just went to my bedroom and shut the door, and began talking to myself again, happily.

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Dancing in the skies to dancing on the keyboard

dancing on keyboard

I have written over 200 blog posts since the end of February 2017. Of those blog posts, 20 (10%) include a reference to my love and history of dancing. This love seemed to be born in me, and nurtured throughout my youth. Even as I get older, if I’m not dancing on the floor to music, my mind is dancing to the music I create with words. That dance performance can be spied through the brisk movements of my hands as they quickly move upon my keyboard.   Continue reading

That driver is definitely loopy! Watch her do a loop de loop.

car dancing 2
Doin’ my car dance

Anyone whose known me for a while, knows I love to dance. Sometimes I crank up the music in my car, and have a blast! Yea, I definitely sing my heart out. Being in the driver’s seat doesn’t prevent me from dancing up a storm or shout. A favorite song gets me hopping in my seat, waving my arms, slapping the steering wheel like a drum. I put my foot on the clutch, shift that stick, step on the gas pedal moving my whole body, and shifting my bum . Vrooooom, vroom, vroooom, vroom, vroom, errrrrrt! Don’t worry, nobody ever gets hurt. Continue reading

Childhood interrupted (Part 1 of 2)

ballet dancer 1

This is the first part of a two part series describing the first depression and mania of my life. It is a first draft for one of the chapters in my working memoir. For other stories in my memoir, please see my posts in my “Story series” category.

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5 Day Music Challenge, Day 1: Jazz music of all sorts

jazz band

Thanks to Robert Matthew Goldstein of Art by Rob Goldstein for nominating me for the Five-Day Music challenge.

The rules are:
Post a song a day for five consecutive days.
Post what the lyrics mean to you.  (Optional)
Post the name of the song and video
Nominate two (or one) different blogger each day of the challenge

I thought I’d start with the music that meant the most to me at my earliest ages.

I can remember as far back as when I was two and three years old visiting my paternal grandparents’ house every single weekend, without fail. Mom mom would have baked a cake, pies, or dozens of cookies, so the whole house smelled intoxicatingly good. Then the whole family (grandparents, mom, dad, my siblings, and I, my two aunts and three uncles) would sit down to dinner, which was most often roast beef. I always sat to the left of my grandmother, who was at the opposite end of the long table from my grandfather.

baby dancingAfter dinner, the jam session started. Mom mom on piano, Pop pop on the trombone, Dad on the double bass, my uncle playing the banjo, an aunt with a tambourine (or the like) and me dancing or strumming this metal vinyl record holder. Sometimes a cousin or two of my father came over with their instruments. Maybe a jazz drum or trumpet. Sometimes my dad’s first cousin took over on the piano. She was a great professional Ragtime music pianist! Pop pop played trombone professionally in a band, and was also a guitarist. Most of the family was musically inclined.

This memory dates back to about 1973 or 1974, and the music we all played was jazz! All kinds of jazz. It was this music that brought forth my love of dance and my natural sense of rhythm. We all had a blast! While maybe there were fights at the dinner table, there were only smiles in my Pop pop’s music room.

[Stay tuned for my Days 2-5. I have some ideas that I’m very excited about. If you’d like to participate in a Five-Day Music Challenge, let me know. I’d be happy to nominate you.]


Tudor Talks, Published on Dec 5, 2016

Hunter Jazz
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The very beginning…

bird dancer-864394__340

Hello readers. If you’ve made it here, then know that I am very very excited!  This is my first blog post on a site like WordPress. My purpose in blogging here is to hone my writing skills, explore several topics that mean a lot to me, and serve as an emotional release for all of the goings on in my mind. Continue reading