He’s the star of the show, and he likes it like that

happy starThere is a man named Moe who has a penchant to be the star of every show. He drives everywhere in his flashy white Porsche with the windows way down low. He stops at every popular hot spot in the town, just to let everyone know that HE is around.

Every morning he sachets into the town’s main café. He comes so often that on occasion he doesn’t even need to pay. The owner has his coffee and bagel with lox ready for him on the counter. His cronies show up shortly, to begin the daily banter. Continue reading

A foggy day with no far distance to travel

foggy path

How I find joy in the occasional foggy day, when my senses become extra keen and mind is soothed. Let me take a walk outside right now, and then a drive to my favorite nearby spots. I won’t venture far. I have no need to. Continue reading