“Simplify, simplify,” said Henry David Thoreau

cottage near lake
I’d be happy living in a little cottage by a pond or lake.

My husband and I definitely do not live a grandiose lifestyle. Even during times when we had more than sufficient resources, we didn’t strive for a lifestyle that exceeded our means. But over the years I find myself yearning for a more and more simple way of living. I guess as I get older (I’m in my mid 40s) I want an easier, more carefree low hassle life. That’s not always the case for aging people, though. I see people my age and even much older spending money on even more elaborate things, taking more expensive vacations, buying bigger “toys”. I think ideally my husband would do the same, if he could, but I resist to a degree, so there is a balance. Having a mental illness, I know I can’t handle too much stress. Complicated lifestyles breed stress. Continue reading